House n.17 // Morgenbesser Liefer

Two-storey house n. 17, which is located in south-eastern corner of St. Nicholas square, belonged to Morgenbesser family at the beginning of the century. In the premises of this large classicist house Morgenbesser family ran a company producing rum and liqueur, as well as a tavern. Before WWII Zoltan Morgenbesser took over the company after his parents, but shortly after he had to resign to his partner, another important figure of the city, Robert Pavlovsky. Zoltan survived the war and after it he returned to Stara Lubovna where he continued to produce liqueurs. He even extended the operation to the court of his father-in-law Teofil Grun in house on the square, where he produced alcohol.

Distillery produced several types of alcoholic beverages: egg, chocolate, herbal or bitter liqueur called Hockey stick, plum or gin flavoured with spices. We know about the ongoing production also during the war thanks to the complaints when the names such as Russian punch and English bitter were problematic. Some products were also exported abroad. Thanks to the ongoing changes at the end of 40s that weren’t pleasant for private business, the operation was cancelled, the equipment was transported to Levoca and Zoltan with family emigrated abroad.