Jewish cemetery

Several hundred meters behind the city eastward, in the fields, there is a Jewish cemetery with area 80 × 15 metres. You can enter the cemetery through low-rise building called Ciduk ha Din, where remaining family prayed for dead. Narrow path leads to simple mausoleum where local rabbi Simon Juda Friedman is buried (died 1924) and where we still can find stones and cards with prayers that descendants leave here in memory of their family members. Cemetery is divided on male (east) and female (west) section. To date, 115 tombstones or their parts have been preserved.

The oldest one is from 1882 and the most recent one is from 1944. On the Swedish granite tombstones we can find decorative elements typical for Jewish community, menorahs, lions and eagles. We can also find several important names in the history of Stara Lubovna written in Hebrew, Hungarian or German. Today, the cemetery is surrounded by a massive fence similar to the past and is maintained for the memory of Jewish community that once was an important component of local society.