Almost no traces of building called mikveh remained on the right corner where road to Presov and local stream Jakubianka meet. According to veterans there stood a small wooden building serving as ritual baths for local Jewish community. Mikveh usually consists of tank with natural water and is made for ritual cleaning of people or objects. It should contain 762 litres of water and a whole person should be able to fit in it. In ancient times priests used mikveh for ritual cleaning before entering Jerusalem temple.

Nowadays the usage of mikveh can differ according to various Jewish traditions, but usually it serves to purify a woman during her period or after giving birth. Mikveh also serves for cleaning some types of containers created by non-Jewish before using them in kitchen. A man usually uses Mikveh before great saints-days and touring saints-days to spiritually prepare and cleanse. These stone tanks were filled by underground springs, in this area Jakubianka served for this matter. The rules to build mikveh can be found in Mikva’ot tract in Mishnah.